-Stunt Actor - certified      - Motorcycle precision rider 

                                         - combat specialist -

                                         - Fight Choreographer

-Martial artist - Instructor  - Kung Fu - Karate - Mauy Thai -                                             MMA - Kickboxing - Boxing

-Motorcycle Fabricator     - Metal worker - 


Height - 5' 10'' - 178cm

Hair - Bald

Eyes - Blue





The Water Diviner           Turkish national          Russell Crowe       Fear of God Films

Turkey Shoot                   Alpha                          John Hewitt           FG Film Productions

Son of a Gun                    Russian                     Julius Avery           Altiitude Films Entertainment

I-Frankenstein                  Bar Bouncer               Stuart Beattie        Hopscoth Films

The Killer Elite                  Door Gaurd                Gary Mc Kendry    Omnilab Films


The Knowing                    Train Passenger         Alex Proyer            Summit Entertainment


The Wannabes                 Kids party Security     Nick Gianopoulis    G.O Films


The Pacific


Trojan Warrior                  The customer              Salik Silverstein     Triple Three Films


Liquid Bridge                     Islander                       Phillip Avalon


Kapyong                            Soldier                         Dennis K Smith     Arcimedia


Emergency LA    Motorcycle Officer Joey Truscott     Len Davies  Netflix

Gallipoli                      Soldier                 Christopher Lee     Nine network

Wentworth                  Auto Worker                                       Ten Network

The Secret River        Devine                 Daina Reid             ABC

The Broken Shore      Ray Sarris            Rowan Woods       Essential Media


Conspiracy 365           Barry                   Pino Amenta           Circa Entertainment


The Librarians             Mouse                 Wayne Hope           ABC


Bed of Roses               Soldier                Diana Reid              ABC


Tribe                             Tomo                  George Miller          Crawford Australia


Underbelly ' Squizzy"    The Wrestler       Shwn Seet              Ten Network


Underbelly "Fat Tony'    SOG                   Carl Zwicky             Ten Network


Killing Time                    Screw                 Ian Watson             Freemantle Media


Homicide Franchise       The Hitman        Ken Cameron         ABC


Rush                    Armoured Truck Driver  Andrew Prowse     Southern Star


House Husbands          Near Miss Driver    Grant Brown        Playmaker Media


Neighbors                     The tradesman                                   


The Secret Life of us     The worker           



2010 - present

2010 - present


TAC                                Hero Motorcycle Rider       The Ride

Swan Insurance             Hero Motorcycle Rider        Freedom

Volvo                              Precision Driver                  Attention Seeker


Telstra                            Police Officer                      


The Shape of things to come             Hero Villian          Okatu Films         Stealth Electric Bikes



Rick was born in Australia in 1970,at the age of 9 he began training in Karate, one of many styles of martial arts he would then go onto studying.

Holding high ranks in the various arts Rick went on to teach others and run his own Dojo.


It was during this time his passion for martial arts, Rick was introduced through film to the pioneer of action films "Chuck Norris".

Totally captivated it was only a matter of time before Rick would be involved in the film business.


He started as a stunt actor who devolped aspecific high level skill set, including motorcycl stunt riding.

His relentless drive and focus earned him a high reputation and put him in many an envious position working directly with some of Hollywoods biggest stars.


The transition from stunt actor to actor was always on the cards for Rick, His passion to perform was clearly evident from the begining.Today Rick is Living between his home in Australia and his new home in  Los Angeles, along with his passion for film Rick is also a highly qaulified motorcycle fabricator with several builds under his belt.

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